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Payroll Service

In addition to the main business, the management of Tax Accounting data, an array of jobs related to personnel salaries will also take a lot of time and effort for business owners. Including:

  • Declare and finalize personal income tax for employees.
  • Register social insurance, health insurance for employees.
  • All relevant steps when increasing or decreasing personnel, when personnel need to be entitled to the prescribed regime (maternity, illness, resignation).
  • Compilation of paperwork as prescribed by the Labor Law: payroll scale, union registration.
  • Payroll according to separate regulations of the enterprise in accordance with general provisions of Law.
  • Consulting, implementing dossiers of application for working papers in Vietnam for foreign workers.

Royal will support all of the above tasks so that the business owner can feel secure and able to focus on the main business. The above services are divided into 4 segments:

1. PIT
Declaration of personal income tax, registration of dependents, calculate payable personal income tax and annual CIT finalization.

2. Social Insurance
Register personnel, increase and decrease personnel at the Agency of Social Insurance and Health Insurance; calculate the social insurance amount that must be paid according to regulations, implement the entitlements of employees when there is an event; support businesses to explain when required to report or check.

3. Payroll
Calculate actual salary for employees based on company payroll rules, timesheets or equivalent documents, employee lists.

4. HR Services
Visa is an essential requirement for an expat to work and reside in Vietnam. Currently, there are many types of visas available for different needs. Thus, our consultants will advise and assist you in obtaining the relevant visa from Immigration Department, Labour department. Here is a list of visas/permits we can support clients with:

  • Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Temporary Residence Card

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