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1. Business Registration Certificate
Royal consults, supports the preparation, submission, and receipt of documents for a new establishment, changes in the content of business registration, branches, representative offices, and dissolution.

Currently, the licensing procedure has significantly changed towards industrial application, making it easier for implementers.

However, what Royal provides is advice for the customers’ appropriate choices on the type of company, registered capital, industry, legal representative, company headquarters, internal records.

Besides, Royal also supports the implementation of the steps after being licensed, to ensure that businesses complete all necessary legal procedures, and focus only on the main business: Initial tax registration, payment of License tax, Electronic invoice, Online tax declaration (token).

2. Investment Certificate (IC)
Royal has a team of consultants, carrying out applications for business licenses, Investment Certificate (IC) for foreign investors in Vietnam. Also, we carry out in-depth procedures such as applying for approval of investment guidelines for conditional industries such as Trade: Wholesale rights, retail rights; specific service sectors…

Besides, with our strength as a company specializing in Accounting, Auditing, our accountants and auditors can advise investors on effective options when registering for investment to save time, costs, and taxes incurred.

3. HR Service
Visa is an essential requirement for an expat to work and reside in Vietnam. Currently, there are many types of visas available for different needs. Thus, our consultants will advise and assist you in obtaining the relevant visa from Immigration Department, Labour department. Here is a list of visas/permits we can support clients with:

  • Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Temporary Residence Card

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